Sarah Schofield


"I want to thank you for what you have done for the College over the period of the Buckinghamshire UTC project.

As always, you have exceeded all our expectations and have done a superb job. I personally don't know a more efficient and effective project manager.

It has been a challenging time with lots of complex schedules to juggle and tight deadlines to meet, but we have managed it with your help and support.

Thank you - your dedication and commitment are so valuable. I have enjoyed working with you too."

Pauline Odulinski OBE
Aylesbury College


Virtual Assistance for your Business

Schofield Virtual Assistance offers a wide range of support services to businesses. With many years' experience working as a Personal Assistant / Executive Assistant at Chief Executive and Director level in the public and private sectors, my aim is to provide flexible support tailored to the individual needs of your business.

I believe that the key to successfully supporting you and your business is in understanding your individual needs. Schofield VA aims to free up your valuable time so you can focus on your priorities. The better I can understand what you are looking to achieve, the more I can offer informed, active support.

Whether you need a few hours one-off assistance, have a longer project with which you require another pair of hands, or are seeking on-going support to help you manage your workload, please contact me on 07775 438380 or for a confidential, no obligation initial consultation.

I look forward to meeting you and having the opportunity to discuss your business.