Sarah Schofield


"Sarah was the organisational lynchpin for The Boo Radleys. She undertook all facets involved with managing the band in a professional, conscientious and intelligent manner."

"The co-ordination of all aspects of a band - record company, live tours, press and publicity, television and radio, video production, studio recording, and marketing is a complex undertaking that Sarah handled with precision and patience."

"If we didn't know where we were meant to be or what we were meant to be doing, we only ever had to call her number and Sarah would have the answers."

Martin Carr and Sice
Songwriter and Lead Singer
The Boo Radleys



As you would expect, I can offer traditional PA services, including diary management, meeting co-ordination, secretarial services etc.

However, the areas in which I specialise include:

I am here to support you and your business, so whatever your requirements please contact me to discuss.

I am highly experienced in minute taking, whether it be for a board level meeting, a conference, training event or strategic planning day. I understand the importance of summarising the discussions behind key decisions and of ensuring that significant matters are recorded in an appropriate way to meet audit or legal requirements.

Should you have a meeting or event for which you require notes of a more formal nature, or for which it may be inconvenient or inappropriate to use an existing member of your organisation, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs.