Sarah Schofield


"Sarah is super - totally action oriented and delivers on-time. Her ability to write up a confused set of ideas and make it sound coherent is second to none.

Ruth Farwell
Vice Chancellor
Buckinghamshire New University



Pricing will be agreed before any work is undertaken, and can be charged at either an hourly rate, or at a rate for completion of a project.

Charges will be affected by many variables, such as the nature of the work and the length of time required to complete it.

Other factors, such as an on-going contract for a specified number of hours per month, will also affect the pricing. Please contact me for a detailed bespoke quotation.

Where appropriate, work will be undertaken at Schofield VA's fully equipped offices. In the event that work is carried out at a different venue, a charge will be made for travelling time, to be agreed in advance.

All expenses incurred as a result of completing work will be invoiced separately. These can include, but are not limited to telephone calls, stationery, postage and travel costs.